Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

So I'm really behind on posting but I wanted to try and recap the last few weeks before Christmas....

We started decorating for Christmas the week before Thanksgiving.  We always try to get started that weekend so we can get everything up and enjoy it for a few weeks before having to take it all back down again.  Owen was so excited about getting everything out and wanted to help with EVERYTHING!  

Out of all the Christmas decorations, the Little People Nativity was Owens favorite....which completely warms my heart!  It's so important to us that our children understand the true meaning of Christmas and now that Owen is older he's really getting into it!!

He loves putting everyone in their correct place and baby Jesus is his favorite!  Every time we're somewhere with a nativity he has to go see baby Hobby Lobby, Silver Dollar City, etc.  I guess we've been to Hobby Lobby a lot this holiday season, because every time we pull in the parking lot he starts saying "We're at Hobby Lobby, I want to go see baby Jesus!"

Owen was also a BIG help when it came to decorating the Christmas trees!  He wanted to do it all by himself!  The only problem was that he wanted to hang them all in one spot on the tree! Ha!  After he was done doing it "by himself"I convinced him to let me help him spread them out all over the tree.

Ornaments have been moved daily and a few have been broken, but this was our finished product....

Josh and I bought a tree from Big Lots the first year we were married (when we were still living in an apartment)....we like to call it our "Charlie Brown Tree".  Even though it's a sad looking tree, we still put it up each year.  Here are a few pictures of Owen decorating it!  He says this is his favorite tree!!

And the decorating wouldn't be complete without a Christmas tree in Owen's room!  We stuck with the "razorback theme" in his room and got a black tree and decorated it with red and white ornaments.  Owen loved decorating his own tree!

 And finally...the outside of the house!  Thanks to Josh, we have fun Christmas lights all around the house along with Santa in his sleigh and a reindeer!  I think this is Owen's favorite part!  He loves to turn them on and off every night!