Sunday, November 16, 2008

Belly update, 20 weeks!

We are halfway there! This week marks 20 weeks of pregnancy and the halfway point to meeting baby Summerford. We thought we would mark this occasion by adding the 20 week belly shot!

4 Weeks

20 Weeks

Baby Summerford has decided to celebrate 20 weeks in his own way, by staying up late and being very active. He has been pretty much like clockwork this week, at 10:00 every night he wakes up, stretches and then spends about 30 to 45 minutes kicking and doing somersaults! It has been a lot of fun feeling all of his activity as he gets bigger and stronger by the day!


Cindy Watson said...

there he is. i hope my post belly shot looks as good as your 20 week belly shot.

saying a prayer for a safe trip for you tomorrow!

Kristy and Greg said...

you look great! hello little boy summerford...I cant wait to meet you!

angie c said...

Awww Christie, that baby boy sure is growing, you look really good! The kicks and movements were my favorite part of pregnacy. Your in my prayers for a most excellent report of your Level II U/S!