Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Time is here again!

Since we'll be busy Thanksgiving weekend, we decided that it was time to put up our tree. Josh drug the tree out of storage and started the unenviable task of spreading the branches. After we got the tree ready Josh left me to do the ribbon and most of the ornaments on the big tree while he decorated the small tree. One thing I realized that I can be thankful for this thanksgiving is pre-lit Christmas trees! This is our first Christmas to have a pre-lit tree!

Josh setting up the tree

Christie hanging ornaments

The finished product

On Saturday night we joined some friends for the lighting of the square in Fayetteville. It was our first time to go for the parade and the actual turning on the lights. We met up with some friends at Tiny Tim's for dinner then moved outside to watch the parade. It was a lot of fun, there was a ton of people on the square!

Josh and I waiting for the lights

Shaun and Emily
Jennifer and Aubrey
Cassady and I

Chris, Cassady, and Layla
Chris and Cassady's little boy Brenner


renata parker said...

Hi from another Summerford! I grew up in S.C. Are we related?
All the best, Renata Summerford Parker

Cindy Watson said...

are you standing on a chair in that picture? girl! take care of yourself. Happy Thanksgiving!