Thursday, November 20, 2008

Owen Peyton Summerford!

We know that some of you were probably checking our blog last night hoping to find an update from our doctor's appointment yesterday; however, we got in late and decided to get some long overdue sleep! So here is the story from yesterday.

We feel very positive about the appointment. They spent about 2.5 hours doing the ultrasound and looking at every inch of baby Owen’s body. Overall, all his organs are functioning properly, he does not have clinched fist, he does not have rockerbottom feet, he is not under developed (he’s actually measuring 6 days ahead of his due date), he has a 3 vein umbilical cord, and my amniotic fluid level is right on track. So…he doesn’t have any of the major “markers” for Trisomy 18. He still has the choroid plexus cyst on both sides of his brain and they found what they describe as a calcium deposit in the muscle of his heart. Both of these are “markers” for Trisomy 18, however they are the weakest markers! The only way to diagnosis Trisomy 18 is through an amniocentesis, which we have decided not to do secondary to the risk of miscarriage and because there is no treatment for Trisomy 18. Since we are not doing the amniocentesis, we will be doing a follow up ultrasound here in Fayetteville in ~8 weeks to make sure the Owen is still growing at the rate he should. This will not confirm that he doesn’t have Trisomy 18, but the geneticist in LR said that if his measurements are correct in 8 weeks….we should stop worrying and enjoy the rest of the pregnancy. At this point, we have relaxed and feel much better about the situation. Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers!! On a positive note….they did a 3D ultrasound and Owen looks just like Josh

Apparently we were being too loud. Owen was covering his ear!


Angie Cleary said...

Hey Christie,
Love the baby name! He is already so cute. When I was at the women's clinic I seen a couple of women whose babies showed multiple choroid plexus cysts on the ultrasounds and had normal healthy babies. I know how worried you must be, just know you all are in alot of people's prayers.

Cindy Watson said...

I just LOVE those pictures. In the second profile picture it looks like he is blowing bubbles...ha! I was praying for a good visit on Wednesday...sounds like God answered that prayer. I will continue to pray for Baby the name by the way! He must cover his ears alot...especially when he is at the clinic.

Court said...

Hey! I just ran across your blog from Joanna's page. Congrats on the baby boy! I have let Matt know and we will keep your and your family in our prayers.

Court & Matt

Leanne said...

I am so glad your appt. in LR went so well!! I am glad you guys went ahead and went down there instead of waiting any longer. We will keep you guys and little Owen (love the name) in our prayers! Holden is going to be so blessed to have so many little buddies.