Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Night

We continued our Christmas celebration in West Memphis with my family. Owen had taken a pretty good nap on the way so he was ready to go when we arrived. Christmas night was just as busy as Christmas morning just with fewer people....We opened presents, put together toys, opened more presents, played with toys, ate a delicious meal, played with more toys, and then we all crashed. We had a wonderful, busy, fun filled Christmas and are very thankful that we got to spend time with both of our families. I think Owen really enjoyed his first Christmas!

"Can we open this one?"


"what's in here?!?"

Daddy's little helper
posing in his new car....

playing with his new toys...

Aunt Anna, Papa Bart, and GiGi
looking at Owen's book

All the new toys couldn't compete with the box...

"can we take this home?"

cruising in his new car..

Emma Gayle and Watson came over to open their
Christmas presents and play
with all the new toys.

Owen (9months) and Emma Gayle (3 years)

Owen was fascinated by all of Emma Gayle's
play was just his size
Owen and Watson sharing toys...

We had a special visit from Santa on Christmas night. Most kids would be really excited to see Santa, but Owen was scared of him...his little lip started quivering and his eyes teared up. He had to warm up for awhile in mommy's arms before he would let Santa hold him. This is very unusual for Owen...he's typically very friendly and will go to anyone. I guess he didn't realize that Santa was the one who brought him all those new toys!

"I'm not sure about this"

"don't go Mommy"