Monday, October 17, 2011


After a lot of thought....we decided to pull Owen out of daycare while I'm on maternity leave.  Owen loves daycare (mostly because he wants to see Emmie), but he's been upset everyday that I've dropped him off since having Ava.  He asks me every morning if Ava is going to daycare too...AND I always explain that Ava is too little and that she will go to daycare when she's big like him....BUT it doesn't really help.  All he knows is that he has to go to daycare and Ava gets to stay with mommy.  This may be temporary (depending on my sanity), but for now it's me and the kids!

Owen being silly before daycare...

I tried to get a few pictures of Owen and his friends when I dropped him off, but you can tell from the first picture that he wanted nothing to do with it!  All his friends gathered around but he kept running back up to much for a group picture. Ha!

Owen, Emmie, Fletcher, Breen, and Brooklyn

After Owen realized I wasn't leaving, he and Emmie started chasing each other around the playground...

...and Fletcher joined in

Owen's class gave him a hand made going away was so sweet!  I was a little sad about the whole thing (I'm not sure why...I'll just blame it on hormones!), but Owen seemed fine and really didn't understand that it was his last day.

That night we had our first "Movie Night" as a family of four!  Aladdin and popcorn in our doesn't get much better than that!

Our baby girl is really taking to her paci....just like her brother!