Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our first day home....Oct 5th

Owen woke up Wednesday morning asking "where's Ava?"  Josh was up with Owen and I was up with Ava during the night, so we opted to spend some family time in bed watching cartoons!  If you can't tell, Owen was more interested in Ava than cartoons...

After spending the morning together as a family, we took Owen to daycare....just to add a little normalize to his life.  

A little photo shoot with Ava before her doctor's appointment...

Trying out one of her new seats...
I absolutely love this, it's definitely been used a lot since we've been home!

Dressed and ready to go...

One of our conditions when being discharged from the hospital was that we would follow up with our  pediatrician the next day.  So we made an appointment with Dr. Froman for a weight check and re-assessment!

I think Josh and I were both holding our breath at this point, but Miss Ava Kate pulled it off and weighted in at 5 lbs 3 oz!!! Yay!

Ava's billirubin was 12.2 (up from 10.5 the day before), but Dr. Froman was not concerned.  We knew that her levels were going to increase again after stopping phototherapy, but as long as she's eating and pooping there are no concerns.

We're still waiting on the results from Ava's new born screening test.  These results will give us a good indication of whether Ava will have VLCAD like Owen.  Hopefully we will have the results by Friday.  We also had cord blood drawn at birth and sent to Cincinnati to be processed.  They will use the cord blood to run her DNA and give us a definitive diagnosis.  The test results should be back in ~ 3 weeks.  There is a 25% chance she will have VLCAD like Owen, a 50% chance she will be a carrier like Josh and I, and a 25% chance she wont have anything.  We are anxiously awaiting the results!

We had some visitors after Ava's doctor's appointment....Amelia and Audrey