Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Ava!

Ava is 1 month old!!  

It's hard to believe that we've had her with us for the past 4 weeks when her due date was this Tuesday!  She has changed so much in such a short time and we are so grateful for all her progress!  We're lovin' our family of four and seeing how much Owen already loves his baby sister!

A little comparison....

Owen                    Ava

The things you're doing now:

  • You weigh 6 lbs 11 oz.
  • You're wearing newborn diapers (pampers swaddlers) which are still too big.
  • You're wearing mostly premie clothes, but not for too much longer.

  • You're not on any kind of schedule!  
  • You like to "snack", so you typically like to eat every 2 hours.  If you eat well, you'll go about 3 hours before eating again.
  • You're still only breastfeeding!  We've tried a bottle but you can't seem to keep it down.  We're going to get you a different/slower nipple and try again.
  • You have started spitting up a couple of times after almost every feed.  Sometimes it even comes out of your nose!  Owen is always on spit up alert and runs to get your burp cloth (but has no part of actually cleaning it up!)
  • You sleep great during the day but not so much at night.  We've moved you from the pack-n-play to the rock-n-play sleeper and you're sleeping about 2 hours at a time.  

  • In the last couple of days, you've started being awake more.
  • You really like bath time and getting you're hair washed is your favorite.
  • You're a pretty happy typically only cry when you're hungry.
  • You are a really loud baby.  You are constantly grunting and squeaking...which wakes your daddy up at night!

  • You're starting to get a little spoiled!  You want to be held most of the time...but we love all the snuggling!
  • You've smiled a few times while you were awake but smile ALL the time when you're sleeping.