Saturday, February 7, 2009


February Recess was Friday night. Josh drove in from New Orleans and got here just in time. He hasn't missed a Recess night yet!! This was the first Recess in two months because of the the kids were raring to go! Josh's buddy Samuel was so excited! His mom said he had been pretending to be "Josh" all cute! I was paired up with Ethan and we spent most of the night making crafts. It was a great night...there were about 15 special needs children, 8 siblings, and a lot of volunteers....We had a blast!

Getting ready for large group time...

Dima rocking out with his band!

Stephan watching Dima

Christie and Ethan

Hannah posing for a quick pic

The girls....Hannah, Lena, and Miah

Josh and Samuel

Lance, James, and Kristy

Lena making a Valentine...