Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Enjoying Outside..

A truck ride to the pond, feeding of the ducks, silliness in the backyard, t-ball, playing with Honey, and wrestling with daddy! We had a great time, but Owen's FAVORITE thing was rough housing with Daddy! I think my mama's boy is turning out to be a daddy's boy!

Calling the ducks by yelling "duck", "duck", "duck"

Silliness in the backyard until "the accident"! Apparently, somewhere between running, sliding, throwing and jumping, Owen managed to step in Honey's poo and smear it all over his shoe, leg, and pants. It was so gross!! Needless to say, we had to take a time out to clean up and change clothes before heading out front for some more fun.

Owen has gotten really good at T-ball. This picture doesn't show case his skills, but he has started holding the bat with two hands and hitting the ball about 6'. The best part is how excited he gets! I need to try and get it on video.

Josh throwing Owen in the air....this is one of Owen's favorite things. He would do it for every, but he's definitely getting too heavy for that!


lovin' on daddy...

jumping over Honey...