Wednesday, February 2, 2011

More Snow Days...

It started sleeting and snowing here early Tuesday morning and continued all day. When it was all said and done, we ended up with .25" of ice and 5-6" of snow. And with the extremely cold temperatures ( a high of 11 today) the snow and ice have decided to stay!

All the schools have been closed, including the U of A, for going on 3 days now. Which means that we've all been home! We've had lots of family time, been extremely lazy, stayed in our pj's for most of the days, and eaten a lot.
watching movies...

Owen really enjoyed playing Toy Story 3 Memory! He's a little to young to understand the whole concept, but he did turn over one card at a time until he found a match....and he was so proud of himself when he found a matching pair! He would get an excited look on his face and clap for himself every time! We've probably played this game 8 times in the past 2 days!

showing me his matching pair....

looking for a match...

"look I found it"


We've also spent a lot of time working puzzles! I borrowed a few floor puzzles from work on Monday thinking that we would be having a snow day on Tuesday....and he's loved working them! BUT I did not plan to be snowed in for 3 we've have worked them over, and over, and over again! I will definitely have to get out tomorrow and trade these puzzles out for new ones.

We're all starting to get a little stir crazy and running out of things to keep Owen entertained. He's watched so many/too many movies, played with every toy in the house, skyped with grandparents, danced, etc. So tonight we decided to make snow ice cream. We didn't have vanilla extract, so we substituted with chocolate syrup. Owen loved it! He ate and ate until it was completely melted.

Chilin' until the sugar kicks in!