Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Snow....

It snowed AGAIN on Friday! It was suppose to be just a dusting, but ended up being close to 6". This was the first day that Owen's daycare opened and because of all the snow...they decided to close! I couldn't stand the thought of sitting at home again, so Owen and I decided to brave it with a trip to Target and the clinic!

Owen had so much fun on our outings. The clinic has everything a kid could wish for... jungle gym, trampoline, ball pit, lots of toys, swings, etc. And as an added bonus, Allie was Owen had a friend to play with! After about an hour, both kids were exhausted, so we headed home for a nap.
I didn't get any pictures of the kids playing at the clinic, but here are a few of Owen rockin' out at home...
rocking out

playing the guitar They're calling for more snow today, tomorrow, and Wednesday...ughhhhh! Don't get me wrong.. I like snow and always hope for one good snow a year, but after that I'm DONE! So now that we've have 3 big snow days...I'm completely ready for Spring. Bring on the sunshine!!