Friday, February 25, 2011

Razorback Rocking Horse

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So...We decided to link up and share about our new company and product!

The Rockin' Razorback
How it all started...

Summerford Designs started after Owen's first birthday. Before Owen's birthday I asked Josh if he thought he could build Owen a rocking horse for his first birthday, because Josh always claims that he "could build that" to everything we see! After perusing the Internet looking for ideas for building a rocking horse with nothing really jumping out at us....we decided he needed a "Razorback" rocking horse. Again we turned to the Internet for ideas with the understanding that "if it isn't on the Internet, then it does not exist!", well apparently the rocking razorback did not exist because we came up empty. We spent a good bit of time debating over what a "rocking razorback" would be. Then we spent the next couple of weeks cutting, sanding, measuring, balancing, and painting the first "Rockin' Razorback". We unveiled the rocking horse at Owen's birthday party just thinking that we had made something special for our little man, and no future plans to make any more.

Owen absolutely loved it! He honestly gets on it everyday...and says "Go, Go, Go" (which is what he says every time he sees a Razorback)

After people found out that we had made the "Rockin' Razorback" and we started getting request for more....we started Summerford Designs, Inc. and the process of obtaining the collegiate license to sell this Razorback product. We weren't sure what this would entail, but we were willing to look into it. A special thanks to Erin for getting us the information and push to get going! We started with what I like to call "baby steps", ie. just looking to see if it was something that we would be able to peruse...But after a lot of prayer and getting through the initial steps, we decided to jump on board. It was a lengthy process, with lots of paper work, phone calls, and meeting...BUT we made it!

And now, the Rockin' Razorback is officially on the market!!!

razorback rocking horse

This Rockin’ Razorback is a unique rocking horse designed for all the “little” Razorback fans. It is hand crafted with quality hardwood and made to last for generations. The rockin’ razorback is an officially licensed collegiate product.

Recommended for ages 2+ with adult supervision.

The Rockin’ Razorback measures 43” long x 24” high x 14.5” wide and has a seat height of 20.5”.

It is now available in Riffraff and our Etsy Store


Tree Frog Creations... said...

I love this!!! I wish my "baby" was still a baby so I could buy it for her!! Good luck in your business!

Kara said...

That's awesome- I don't have a kid yet but I'm thinking about buying one for decoration ha- I love our HOGS!

Mark and Cari said...

Love it! Too bad my daughter has a rockin' dinosaur....or I just might have ordered this!

Lindsey Cobb said...

This is great! I'm so impressed!