Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Getting Out....

This was the view from our front door around 4:00 this afternoon when it was all said and done....

After Owen's nap, we decided to bundle up and go out to play in the snow. Owen was soooo excited!! He got the sleds and started pulling them all around the house while Josh and I were getting ready. I guess he was trying to tell us to Hurry Up!

Ready to go!
Owen's reaction to ALL the snow....
Walking through the snow was definitely an adventure...especially for Owen. Poor little guy was having so much fun making his way through it all, that by the time he made it to the street, he was pooped!

So proud of himself!
He would take/attempt a step on his own and fall every time...but he was so determined. The only part he didn't like was the snow on his gloves. We'll definitely have to get some better gloves next year...I'm saying next year because this has to be the LAST snow!

Josh and Owen attempted sledding down a small hill in the neighborhood, but they didn't make it very far before sinking into the snow! They tried a few times together and then we tried to let Owen go by himself...but he wasn't really a fan! The snow kept hitting him in the face, so after two attempts he was done.

Owen's favorite part was watching the ducks walk across the frozen pond. We stood there long enough that the ducks spotted us and tried really hard to get up to where we were thinking we were going to feed them...we felt really bad because we didn't have any food. I guess we'll just have to get out again tomorrow and feed them!
You can't tell from this picture, but Owen really enjoyed being pulled on level ground rather than sledding down hill. Josh was running beside and he thought it was hilarious that we were racing.
Yes, those are Wal-Mart sacks on my feet! I was wearing my Ugg boots, but the snow was so deep that my boots would have been I improvised!