Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fall Vacation Continued...

Okay, with all the snow days, I'm really trying to catch up on my blogging. I started posting about our fall vacation back in late November, but never finished. So here goes....Our first stop in Kansas City was the zoo (fall vacation post #1)

Second stop....The Great Wolf Lodge, an indoor water park resort! Owen had so much fun! He played and played and played! We tried all the activities at the water park, but Owen's absolute favorite thing to do was slide! He did it over, and over, and over....and loved it every time!

this was the first thing he did after we checked in...
just made himself right at home

the water park...

Fort Mackenzie

the bucket at top of Fort Mackenzie would dump 1000 gallons of water every 5 minutes.....luckily we managed to avoid this

They had story time for all the kids every night at 8:00.

We had a hard time pulling Owen away from the water he attended story time in his swimsuit

The next day we hit the water park twice. Owen went so strong the whole time, that he wore himself out after about 2 we left, ate some lunch, took a nap, shopped, and then returned to the park fully energized!

Such a big boy...going down the slide all by himself!

Lets do it again!

They also had a fun Arcade. We thought Owen was a little too young to enjoy it, but he thought otherwise! Skee-ball was his favorite!

On Friday night we ate at T-REX Cafe. The atmosphere was awesome and they went above and beyond to accommodate Owen's nutritional needs. We simple asked (like we do at every restaurant) if they could provide us with the nutritional content for their menu items and the next thing you know....the chef was sitting at our table. After speaking to him for a few minutes, we quickly realized that most on the menu items were very high in the chef just whipped up Owen his own dish!! Needless to say, we were WOWed! We have been in restaurants were they've refused to simply grill a chicken breast without oil or butter, so for them to make him his own dish (at their suggestion) was HUGE in our book!

Owen really liked to wave
at all the dinosaurs and say "Hi, Hi"

playing with his dinosaur souvenirs....

Dinosaur wipe out...

Owen had his first cheeseburger on our was out of Kansas City. He could only eat half of it because of the fat grams, but he LOVED it!!


Greg, Kristy, and John Lleyton said...

was the water park heated? what a great idea! would love to take JL there!

Josh, Christie, and Owen Summerford said...

yes, it's a heated water park...JL would love it!