Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bachelor week Day 2:

Today was a great day! I was getting updates from Christie all day about where they were and what the next stop was, and they finally made it to their destination (Kramatorsk, Ukraine) at about 6:00 pm our time (2:00 am there) and had 5 1/2 hours to unpack all their suitcases full of supplies and get them organized to be at the orphanage Antoshka first thing in the morning. I was really glad to hear that they made it and all of their luggage arrived with them! They had 17 suitcases full of therapy supplies and each of them was carrying a walker and checking it every time they boarded a plane. In all they hauled almost 1,000 pounds of supplies on five flights and by the grace of God everything went perfectly!

Ok, now on to day 2 of the bachelors: This morning I decided to let Owen try something new. He has never had real eggs, because he can't, too much fat in yolks... so I thought I would try my hand at low fat omelets. I used only egg whites, fat free cheese and low fat ham to make him his own omelet. It's not the most beautiful thing in the world, but I thought it tasted good!

Owen wasn't too sure about it at first, but once he discovered it had ham in it he was all about it. I thought I would split it with him, but the little monster nearly ate the whole thing!

After breakfast it was bath time... He needed one after playing outside all day yesterday! He was kind of smelly, but we got home late last night and he just went straight to bed, so he got one this morning, and I learned a valuable lesson! More to come on that...

After his bath Owen was really wound up! After battling for a few minutes trying to get clothes on him we came to an agreement... he wasn't going to wear clothes today! I think he really liked this and he spent the rest of the morning running around the house jabbering and laughing in nothing but a diaper.

Since Owen decided he was old enough to call the shots (no clothes) I decided he was old enough to feed himself with a fork... kind of! The way the fork worked was I would stab some bites of hot dog, dip them in mustard, and hand him the fork. He would then hold the fork in one hand, use the other hand to remove the hot dog and put it in his mouth, then hand me the fork to do it again!

Before long he began to get the hang of it and would actually eat the hot dog directly off of the fork. It was awkward to watch, but he got the job done!

For dessert I let him eat some applesauce. This was fairly entertaining. He kind of understood the concept of eating with a spoon, but he seemed to have trouble with which end of the spoon went in his mouth.

Owen eating applesauce

Here is where the lesson I mentioned earlier comes in... Applesauce BEFORE bath! I think he was trying to spike his hair like mommy does when she gets him ready!

After lunch Owen took a long nap and then his Beema picked him up and took him to her house so I could get some much needed yard work done. At Beema and Papa Joe's house Owen discovered this Dogwood tree that he was really interested in. He liked to touch the flowers.

Owen loves being outside, and this is getting close to being a problem... He now understands how doors work, and is ALMOST, tall enough to turn the knob. Here he is doing his Stretch Armstrong impression trying to get back outside.
Owen also discovered an old masquerade mask in Aunt Amanda's room, this kept him entertained for a bit while he tried to figure out why he could pull it off of his face, but when he let go it jumped right back on!

Well we survived day 2, and now we move into the weekday routine, something that mommy usually handles, so this will be the challenging part! Off to bed so I can get up extra early tomorrow and hopefully make it to work on time. Goodnight!