Monday, April 12, 2010

Bachelor Week, Day 3

Well we made it... We got up and got ready this morning and made it to daycare and work on time! I got Owen up a little earlier than usual, and he was not a fan! He was pretty grouchy this morning, but once he got to daycare and I snuck out he had a good day.

I got more updates from Christie today, they visited the first orphanage and apparently it was a great visit and all of the attendees were very attentive and excited to learn how to help the kids. There is a post with more detail on the TEAMworks Ukraine Blog here :
On a side note I got a text from Christie today and apparently she is not a fan of Ukranian food... she said she has been living off of powerbars and, from the looks of their blog, caffeine!

Here are today's pics:

For this pic I told Owen to do something casual, like he was modeling for the Dillard's catalog and this is what I got! Not really, I don't know why he posed like this, but I thought it was funny so I put it on here.

After work I took Honey to the vet for a check-up and then took her with me to pick up Owen ... I think this made his day! He was so excited to see her, and he would pat her on the head, then she would turn and lick his hand and he would laugh so hard! They did this all the way home.
On the way home I got a call from Amanda asking if they could take Owen to the park, of course I said sure, so Owen changed into some play clothes and played in the front yard while we waited on Aunt Amanda and Austin.

Owen really likes Amanda and Austin, when they pulled up he got this big grin on his face and got up and ran to them!

Owen's bud Amanda

Amanda, Owen, and Austin ready to head to the park. We gave Owen the option of riding in the wagon or taking his car... he decided he would rather drive!

Owen LOVES the slide at the park! It doesn't matter whether he is going down the slide or trying to climb back up the slide, he LOVES it! In this picture he was mad at me for slowing him down on his way to the slide.

Owen's Sliding Face...

Owen also loves to fly into the air! I think we have a little daredevil on our hands!

It was great to have Amanda and Austin show up to take Owen to the park! He had an awesome time and was completely worn out when we got home. He went to bed at 8:00! A full hour earlier than normal.

Owen discovered an interesting trick on the way home... he took my empty bottle and leaned over and drug it on the sidewalk, it made a weird noise that he apparently liked because he did it all the way home!

Overall we had a great day, Owen had a lot of fun, and I enjoyed playing outside with him. We look forward to more updates from the girls in Ukraine and how things are going over there! And can't wait to see Christie in 6 more days!