Saturday, April 10, 2010

Just the Boys

Christie has left for Ukraine, so I have been assigned the daunting task of taking over the blog for the week... Not sure that I will really bring any substance or awe inspiring insight to this blog, but there is one thing I can provide, and that is pictures... (I think this is actually why I was assigned this task).

The theme for this weeks blog posts is our daily adventures as I attempt to lead a somewhat normal life without the help of my wonderful wife for 8 full days...

Today was a pretty easy day, other than telling Christie bye and knowing that we will have minimal contact this week it was a good day. We hung out at the house this morning and went to watch Owen's Aunt Amanda play a double header in the afternoon.

Owen Thought it was funny to roll around in the floor while Daddy was trying to get him out the door.

Although we were really late, we did make it to the game (luckily it was a double header)

Owen was thrilled because they had tables he could crawl under, just like at home!

He was also loving some animal crackers today, one thing he did not love was wearing his hat. It was really sunny today so I thought we would give the new hat a try. The only way he would keep it on was if he didn't have a free hand to take it off... hence the animal crackers.

Once Owen caught a glimpse of Aunt Amanda in the dugout it was time to move to the outfield because he was bound and determined to climb over the dugout to see her...

Owen absolutely loved the outfield grass. He ran and threw rocks and chased his Beema all over the place!

He has spotted Aunt Amanda again... Luckily he can't climb fences yet.

Here Owen is running off some of those animal crackers!

Owen really seemed to enjoy seeing Amanda out there today.

This was about the only way I could actually watch the game and not be chasing the little man

Notice hat on and hands full, but I don't think he's ready for the sunflower seeds yet
After the ball games we ate dinner with Beema, Papa Joe, Aunt Amanda and Austin. As a special after dinner treat Aunt Amanda shared a popsicle with Owen. He loves popsicles, but he makes the funniest faces every time he takes a bite. I guess the cold gets him because he always makes sour faces.

After the popsicle Owen had a burst of energy and was obsessed with this old classic toy. This clip-clop horse has to be 25+ years old. That's the one I rode when I was little! It still makes the sounds! Owen has figured out how to make the thing rock and bounce, but you have to stay close because sometimes he forgets to hold on, and when he wants off there is no warning... he just "gets" off and you better be there to catch him!

Well that's it for today, Owen has hit the sack and I am about to do the same. Hopefully I can keep up with this thing while Christie is gone. I just checked their flight status and it looks like they are about an hour and a half out of Frankfurt (their next stop). Maybe they will have internet access at the airport and she will get a chance to see this post! If so, know that we love you and are proud of you and we'll be fine, I'm pretty sure I got this... Goodnight!


Anonymous said...

Josh...Christie is so blessed to have you! And Owen too of course! What a great daddy! We are praying for her and the rest of the team. I admire their passion and willingness to take 8 days away from the ones they love here to help the kids on the other side of the world. Always love the pictures of Owen. I know they will bring a smile to his momma's face when she missing home.

Cindy Watson

Greg, Kristy, and John Lleyton said...

You are doing a wonderful job keeping up with the blog! Go daddy go! Owen is precious!