Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bachelor Week, Day 4:

So when I went into this single parent week thing I knew that I would have to tackle one duty at Owen's school... parent teacher conferences! Well, last night I got a surprise when My mother informed me that today was picture day! This isn't my thing... that's a mom deal. Christie and I have an unspoken agreement, I am in charge of picking Owen up, collecting all of his stuff, and transporting him safely home. When I get home I place all of the papers from his cubby on the counter and when Christie gets home she reads all of the stuff and let's me know if there is anything important that I should know. This may not seem like the optimal way to handle this, but it works for us... as long as Christie is here! I don't guess this is really that big of a deal, I mean I have picked out Owen's clothes before and gotten him dressed, but I usually worry less about whether it matches and more about whether it fits and if it is comfortable. I don't usually get him dressed thinking that the clothes he is wearing will be forever emblazoned on a piece of paper that will be pulled out 20 years later and laughed at by the future Mrs. Owen Summerford and reminded that I dressed him that day (everyone has those pictures)!

Last night after being informed that today was picture day I formulated a plan... I would pick out a few shirts and some shorts and try them on him this morning and go with what I liked best. Apparently I should have discussed this with Owen! He woke up this morning in a terrible mood and by the time I got the first shirt and pair of shorts on him it was settled... he was wearing that one! This is what we ended up with: (hope Mom approves)

Hopefully the Picture People got a better picture than I did this morning. There was nothing I could do to make him happy. I think it was a combination of realizing that mommy is still gone, and allergies. He woke up this morning with a lot of gunk in his eyes. The poor little guy could barely open them and did not want me to clean them! I have been giving him allergy medicine, and plan to keep it going in hopes that this stuff will clear up soon, and he won't feel so miserable.

Hopefully we will have a better day tomorrow and I will once again have an abundance of pictures to share.


Amanda.Clark said...

He looks really cute...good job, I approve! I love all the post, it makes me feel connected and not so far away...keep them coming! I miss my guys and can't wait to see ya'll!!! Allergies?? Medicine?? I guess he got that from me...Have you been to the doctor or just using the meds we already had? I love you guys!!

Amanda.Clark said...

Okay...that last post was from mommy, I'm just using Amanda's computer!

Josh said...

Haven't been to the Dr. Just using the meds from last year. They seemed to help last night. We can't wait to see you either. Love you.

kristy said...

you did a great job!

Anonymous said...
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