Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bachelor Week, Day 5:

Owen had a much better day today. He still woke up with some gunk in his eyes, but we waited until this morning to take a bath so it was much easier to clean and he didn't seem to mind. I think he enjoyed having a bath in the morning, he was wide awake and ready to play after his bath.

Yesterday I had a dentist appointment and I was visiting with Marcia, the lady who does the exam and we were talking about Owen and she suggested starting to use a toothbrush, instead of the finger thing. She gave me a toothbrush to try on him, so we gave it a shot this morning. I brushed his teeth first, then let him have the brush to try it on his own... I think this might work out, he was starting to hate the finger thing! Here he is demonstrating his tooth-brushing skills!

I also decided to pull this shirt out since we are half way through bachelor week and I thought it was appropriate!

After we got ready to go I decided to let Owen help me feed Honey since he was in such a good mood! I gave him the treat to give to her, and don't worry, I watched closely to make sure he didn't try to sneak a bite!

He really enjoyed being outside this morning and getting to see Honey. He also really liked playing with the treat and had a hard time letting it go when it was time to give it to Honey!

Owen was tired when we got home from daycare and fell asleep in my arms... but when I put him in his bed I could hear him moving around and I turned on his monitor to see this! And that was the end of his nap.
After we got home tonight we had some visitors... Audrey and Amelia stopped by to give Owen his birthday present. At first Owen was kind of shy...

Then he started warming up a little...

a little more...

And then the show was on! He was bouncing off the walls! He was dancing and climbing all over everything. He even grabbed the handle on our refrigerator and pulled himself completely off the ground, and not just a little off the ground!

He thought these sunglasses were hysterical!

He had a lot of fun with his visitors and really liked dancing while Amelia rocked out on his guitar to some "Love Shack"!

After Audrey and Amelia left he continued to play pretty hard climbing all over the dining room chairs and everything else.

I also caught him trying to open the fridge... good thing he is a shorty!

We played in his room for a while then I turned on some of his music while I changed him into his pajamas. He was really dancing to the music until I got the video camera... I think he is a little camera shy. But I did manage to catch a short clip of him showing one of his signature moves!

After the dancing was over Owen grabbed his milk and was off to bed...