Sunday, April 18, 2010

Owen is getting better everyday... The eye-drops and antibiotic seem to be doing there job and Owen's eyes have been clear for the past couple days. He was in a pretty good mood today, but You can tell he is missing his mommy, he just knows something isn't right!

We actually got good news late last night. Christie and the rest of the girls were able to catch a flight out of Ukraine. They actually headed East instead of west and will have traveled all the way around the world by the time they get home! They left Ukraine at 4:00 am this morning and landed in Dubai at around noon. They are now on a 15 hour flight to Sydney, then on to L.A. before finally making it to Tulsa Tuesday at 4:45. It is a long trip home, but it beats being stuck in Ukraine for another week or two!

Owen was really into throwing balls around yesterday, here he just launched one at me and was watching it roll around.

He was also loving the laundry room, as usual. I was doing laundry yesterday and he would follow me into the laundry room every time. One time I was moving clothes to the dryer and he actually started helping... I would take clothes out of the washer and hand them to him, he would then attempt to throw them into the dryer. It was pretty funny, and he could actually get the small stuff in there! He did have a hard time with the big stuff though, he isn't quite tall enough.

Owen hasn't been eating great lately, but he did enjoy a snack of cheerios and milk!
I say he hasn't been eating great lately, then I show this picture of him licking his plate clean! Apparently he really did like this meal...