Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Trip to the E.R.!

We had a little adventure tonight... We made our first "injury"trip to the E.R.! Owen was playing in the living room and tripped and hit his eye on one of his wooden block toys and it exploded! Our first thought was to rush to the E.R. and get stitches, but after we got the bleeding stopped we kept looking at it and debating on what to do... We really didn't want to subject him to stitches, but we knew we had to do something, so we loaded up and headed for the E.R.

Loaded up and ready to get his eye fixed... After the initial shock wore off Owen really took it like a big boy, he was laughing and playing and looking at us like we were crazy when we would get in his face to check out his eye!

We were headed to Washington Regional when a friend suggested the new P.S.H. One thing that was weighing in on the debate was the debacle that E.R.'s usually bring and the hours of waiting... We walked in to the P.S.H. and basically went straight to the room and were fixed up and out of there in less than 30 minutes! It was amazing!

The Dr. decided that it would be much better for everyone involved to just "glue" the cut rather than do stitches. This was a huge relief to us, we couldn't imagine having to watch him get sewn-up. The Dr. held the cut closed and applied the Dermabond in a few layers and once it was dry they put a bandage over it so he couldn't rub it. Owen was not a fan of the glue or the bandage...


W.C.Camp said...

Brave kid with his first REAL MAN boo boo. Believe it or not I had an eyebrow split like this as an adult. Doc put stitches in mine but I pulled them out myself when healed. No big deal actually. Good job - GREAT pictures. W.C.C.

Anonymous said...

great job watching ur kid