Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bachelor Week, Day 7:

Today was not so good... Owen has been waking up with gunk in his eyes and been very congested. This morning was no different, He woke up with his eyes matted shut. I gave him a bath and cleaned his eyes and nose, but I could tell he didn't feel good... I was only scheduled to work a half day because today was parent teacher conferences at daycare, so I took him to daycare for the morning. On my way to drop him off at daycare I called and made a Dr. appointment so we could, hopefully get this cleared up over the weekend. He didn't even make it half a day at daycare... I got a call at about 10:00 and Owen had a fever of 101.4 so I made arrangements at work and went to pick him up. Just looking at him the Dr. thought he probably had an ear infection, but both ears were clear! She thought he might have a little infection in his eyes that was making his nose and eyes be so nasty so we got some antibiotics and eye drops.

Ready to spend a couple hours at daycare...

After the first round of eye drops and antibiotics he seems to be doing better. He went to bed early and has no gunk in his eyes so far! Hopefully he will continue to get better and will be back to acting like Owen by the end of the weekend!

On another note... We don't know when Christie will be getting home now! We have been without her for a full 7 days now and we are ready for her to be home, but the Iceland volcano has caused the airport she was supposed to fly out of today to be shut down for the past 2 days and it doesn't look like it will open anytime soon! We are hoping and praying that the wind will shift, or rain will move in and knock the ash down and the volcano will stop spewing ash into the sky long enough for the girls to make it home!

The Frankfurt airport, first stop on the girls way home, is shut down indefinitely...